It could be because you can easily get away from ever-increasing fuel prices. Its eco-friendly and it have very few moving parts, so there’s less that could go wrong. There’s also less maintenance, no oil changes, no spark plugs, transmissions, fuel filters, and so on, so the maintenance is very less to own. You enjoy trouble-free riding experience.

Reducing dependency on gasoline, cuts down on harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Operating on pure battery power is the cleanest option as zero emission. Switching to an NDS EV’s could save you some thousands of rupees on your running and maintenance bills.

NDS Eco Motors launches completely High Powered Electric Vehicles only. It is been designed and tested on the basis of Indian roads and speed limits. It can be driven up to 55kms* (maximum).

NDS Eco Motors is a rapid growing enterprise coming up with different models having different ranges and features. Many things can affect the driving range including ambient temperature, terrain, driving conditions, payload, driving habits, battery age and tire pressure.

Talking about the range we have 3 variants and they may vary on a full charge depending on the 3 speed controls I.e.,

ALFA: Economy-up to 80kms*, Normal- up to 70kms*, Power- up to 60kms* (As per ARAI testing).

LIO: Economy-up to 125kms*, Normal- up to 90kms*, Power- up to 83kms* (As per ARAI testing).

LIO+: Economy-up to 225kms*, Normal- up to 180kms*, Power- up to 165kms*(As per ARAI testing)

Back on the topic of maintenance, it’s a crucial factor to consider over the life of a vehicle.As all are aware that the IC engines have more mechanical parts it often calls for service as more wear and tear happens.NDS EVs runs with BLDC Hub motor and is controlled electronically by sensors.

NDS Eco Motors Pvt. Ltd. provides 3 free services at 6 months, 12 months and 18 months from NDS Branded exclusive showrooms only..

For the full maintenance schedule refer to your owner’s manual.

Charging and care are the two most important factors when looking at the life and service of a battery. NDS EV’s runs on VRLA GEL & Lithium ion batteries that are charged with a NDS Smart charger that plugs into a standard 5 Amps socket. It takes approximately 6 hours for Gel batteries and 4 hours for Lithium ion battery to recharge from a completely discharged state, 1st hour up to 30% ,2nd hour up to 50% and then gradually increases to 100%. Charging works the same way as when you charge your mobile phone or laptop. Each NDS EV’s supplied with NDS smart charger.

NDS Eco Motors provides a standard 2 years warranty. Must be used only NDS Eco Motors Smart Charger as it has been specially built to care the batteries life and performance.

Do Not:

  • Dismantle
  • Pierce or crush
  • Immerse in liquid
  • Short circuit the battery connections.

Yes! The NDS vehicles are Rain-proof* and are able to operate in the rain. The controller and battery pack is totally protected against dust and rain. However EVs are not recommended to immerse in deep water.

Not a problem at all. NDS Eco Motors provides a Smart Charger with which it detects the state of charge, and automatically cuts off the charging once it’s done completely. Never use other chargers. If lost you can buy NDS Smart Charger from any of our showrooms.

NO. Obviously, some people have never experienced running out of gas. These people always make sure to have enough fuel to get where they are going, or at least to the next gas station. Likewise, you could just make sure you always had a sufficient charge.

NDS Eco Motors is featured with Regenerative power with E-ABS. Whereby the rider can utilize the regenerative brake on his/her way down the fly over or down streamed roads. This can be utilized even at stop-and-go driving situations as well. Due to which the battery can be recharged to certain extent.

Use a smooth cloth and preferably a fresh water/decent cleaner. Please resist from using pressure washers on any EV’s.

Our aim is to offer a complete happy experience, so it's in our interest to maintain spare parts and issues resolved quickly for you. We will of course happily support you even outside of any warranty period. We are just an email or call away. Warranty doesn't cover bulbs, brake pads / blocks, tires, cables and other items generally regarded as consumables.

This is why we offer the complete range of parts and spares available directly from any of our company showrooms.

Just because it is electric assisted doesn't mean it requires more frequent servicing. In most instances an annual service is enough, however customers using their vehicles in more extreme environments may require bi-annual servicing. Generally you can feel when your bike needs a look over.

Yes of course, you can visit, we can thought you through riding style and requirements and offer expert advice. We will be able to advice them do’s and don’ts in more detail. We also give you the opportunity to ride the vehicle so that you can get an experience of how it feels.

Yes. It is a mandatory requirement as NDS e-Vehicles comes under L2 Category (High powered Electric Vehicle) as per CMVR.

Yes. It is a mandatory requirement as NDS e-Vehicle comes under L2 Category (High powered Electric Vehicle) as per CMVR.

Yes. It is a mandatory requirement to get comprehensive insurance as NDS e-Vehicle comes under L2 Category (High powered Electric Vehicle) as per CMVR.