NDS Eco Motors Private Limited was founded in 2015 by a group of engineers under the leadership of Mr. M H Reddy who is having Profound experience and knowledge in the field of automobile industry a period of over 2 decades and the company incorporated as per Companies act 2013 in Bangalore (Silicon Valley of Asia) who wanted to prove that electric Vehicles could be better than gasoline-powered Vehicles. With instant torque, incredible power, and zero emissions.

Chairman's Speech

Bringing with me more than 2 decades of experience in operational excellence in the field of Automobile Industry and serving as CEO at IFB Automotive, had an opportunity to work with TESLA for their initial development of the electric vehicle. It was when I got impressed by E Mobility.

I decided to get into the market to initially rewrite the concept and gain back the trust of EVs in India. Thus, launched High Powered Electric 2 wheelers (L2 Category) which has successfully passed all the relevant type approval tests at ARAI and certified by CMVR.

Always having a keen interest on the Green Technology, I wanted to create a biggest opportunity for the next couple of decades as it is not just a trade-off. And thus, started the organisation with long term goals. We had a pretty good start and this continues to drive the EV Revolution to build a sustainable future. The central and state governments are also striving hard for electric mobility and hope to receive much more support from the government and people of India.

NDS ECO MOTORS operations will play a crucial role in driving the change in electric mobility and produces the most definitive and aspirational products into the market.

Our Vision

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Bangalore, NDS Eco Motors is all geared-up to develop e-Vehicles that not only disrupt the automotive industry but also to drive Indian buyers to choose electric vehicles as their go-to option. It is this transition in the mindset that NDS Eco Motors envisions.

Our Mission

To establish NDS Eco Motors as a leader in the development and manufacturing of new-generation electric vehicles that are environment-friendly, affordable and accessible to the masses.